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Management & Development

Hotel Management

LHMC has a qualified, knowledgeable, experienced and driven corporate team that can effectively evaluate and orchestrate successful hotel management. It can establish a comprehensive customized business plan that best suits the needs of the property.

LHMC has the expertise and drive to help bring a hotel property to the next level, and is confident in its methods and proven success.

Love's Full Suite of Hotel Management Services

Pre-takeover Analysis

Franchisor / Franchisee Negotiations

Takeover Plan and Process Implementation

Accounting, Capital management, Fiscal Budgets and Asset Preservation

Property Management

Human Resources

Marketing Analysis

And More...

Hotel Development

As hotel owners, LHMC understands the importance of concentrating on a number of attributes that create a successful property. LHMC understands the need for a forward looking approach when it comes to developing properties and acquiring hotel assets, while never underestimating the power of the economy and target markets.

LHMC continues to search for opportunities that provide long term growth and profitability while focusing on expanding markets, exclusive real estate and brand affiliation.